Our pals over at the Nintendo Life YouTube channel are full of wisdom, and today's advice comes to you from our very own Zion Grassl, who wants you to know that you should download every single update that exists on the eShop.

Wait, shouldn't you just download the updates for the games you own? Well, yes, you should do that. But what if, one day in the future, you get a physical copy of Style Savvy: Trendsetters (AKA New Style Boutique in PAL regions), only to discover that there's a clothing bug that was patched out, and now you can never fix it?

Might as well cover all the bases, since you're already presumably downloading all the eShop-only digital games that are worth having. All you have to do is search "update" on the eShop, and you'll see all the available updates!

Here's a list of some of the games that you can download updates for, totally free:

This is such a boring question but we have to ask: Are there any 3DS game updates or patches that you consider ABSOLUTELY essential for the game? Go on, tell us in the comments.