Octopath Traveler Champions Of The Continent
Image: Square Enix

Octopath Traveler is an excellent, beautiful title on Switch, starting out as an exclusive before eventually landing on PC and Xbox One / Series X|S. Of course, from a Switch perspective we now have Triangle Strategy right around the corner, the latest Square Enix entry in its HD-2D series that - for now at least - is also exclusive to Nintendo's system.

A good while ago, though, Octopath Traveler had a mobile prequel in Japan - Champions of the Continent. It arrived in Japan in October 2020 and quickly soared past 10 million players, and Square Enix is no doubt hoping for an equally positive response elsewhere; it's now confirmed that an English version is on the way in 2022 (iOS and Android), with a closed beta to test it out in the Spring. There's also an official English Facebook page if you're into that kind of thing.

If you're curious who those three characters are in the artwork, below is some blurb about the game:

HD-2D for smartphones – 3D CG screen effects added to pixelized graphics create a magical world on smartphones.
Eight-character party command-based battles – Form a party of up to eight characters to fight in evolved command-based battles. Smooth gameplay with swipe controls.
Choice of story between three reigning champions – The setting is the Orsterra continent. The protagonist is a “Chosen One” who will fight against a great evil that has achieved fortune, power, and fame.
Field commands – Take various actions towards characters on the field. Try out all sorts of things, such as “Listen” for information, “Steal” an item, “Hire” an ally, and more.

In search of wealth, you will begin your adventure in the deep forests of the Woodlands region. The one who stands in your path is “The Witch of Greed” Helminia. The witch has embezzled an immense fortune in Valore, dying the town in darkness.

In search of power, you will begin your adventure in the snow-covered Frostlands region. The one who stands in your path is “The Hero” Titus. He controls the Red Wings, an organization made to rehabilitate ex-convicts. He rules over the town of Amberglow with an iron fist.

In search of glory, you will begin your adventure in the rich plains of the Flatlands region. The one who stands in your path is “The Playwright” Arguste. The citizens of Theatopolis, the capital of arts, all admired his work, but he ended up straying from the right path.

We'll keep an eye out for further details, localised trailers and so on. Are you interested in trying this out on mobile? Here's hoping the console successor to Octopath Traveler (which was confirmed to be in the works by Square Enix back in 2019) is also progressing nicely.

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