Eternal Darkness
Image: Silicon Knights / Nintendo

Nightdive Studios has shot to fame in recent years - remastering classics like Turok, Shadow Man and most recently the Sega Saturn and PlayStation classic, Powerslave Exhumed.

As much as it loves reviving these sorts of games, there's still one company, in particular, it would like to help out... it's Nintendo. According to CEO, Stephen Kick, Nightdive has "had discussions with Nintendo" about remastering certain classic titles but hasn't had any luck convincing it.

Kick further explains how Nightdive has been shunned - even after it was the "first" one to release N64 games on the Switch.

"We've had discussions with Nintendo over the years about remastering a number of their games and they always get gun shy working with 3rd party developers even after @NightdiveStudio released the first N64 games on *their* platform."

So, if this talented studio could remaster a Nintendo game - what would it be? Well, for the Nightdive CEO it would actually be the psychological horror action-adventure Eternal Darkness, which was released on the GameCube in 2002:

This whole conversation came up in response to a comment on Twitter about Nintendo driving fans towards piracy after the announcement of its eShop closures this week - with Nightdive's CEO suggesting his studio could perhaps improve the situation by remastering some of Nintendo's classics.

While Nightdive might not have had much luck here, Nintendo has arguably become a little more open-minded when it comes to allowing third-party teams to work on its IP. For example, the upcoming release Advance Wars 1 + 2: Re-Boot Camp is developed by WayForward - the creator of Shantae. And last year's award-winning game, Metroid Dread, was once again handled by the third-party Spanish developer, MercurySteam.

Would you like to see Nintendo perhaps give Nightdive a shot at remastering some of its older and perhaps lesser-known titles? Leave a comment down below.