Kirby Amiibo

Kirby and the Forgotten Land, also known as "the game where Kirby eats a car", is coming soon, and now we have confirmation that it will have extra goodies for anyone who owns a Kirby series amiibo.

Here's the full list of amiibo that will provide extra in-game items:

  • Kirby
  • King Dedede
  • Meta Knight
  • Kirby (Smash Bros)
  • King Dedede (Smash Bros)
  • Meta Knight (Smash Bros)
  • Qbby (BOXBOY!)
Here is a picture in case you have bad imagination

Now we just have to hope that Nintendo re-releases these amiibo, so we don't have to fork out $138 for a single Kirby. And it looks like we might be in luck...

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