Partystarter Graphic 1920x1080

As Will Smith would say, "Hey! I'm the party starter. You might have a good time, but we party harder." And much like Will Smith's movies, Jackbox games are fun for all the family, with the occasional dud that no one really wants to put on the TV — but the good ones are really good, and everyone loves them.

Jackbox Party Starter is a collection of three previously-released games from Jackbox, although which ones it'll be has yet to be announced — but each one has been picked as a crowd-pleaser for folks who are both well-versed in the Jackbox games, and total newbies like your grandma who's never played a video game before.

"The Jackbox Party Starter is the answer to the question, “Which Jackbox game should we play if we’re new to Jackbox?” It’s the game you pop on when nothing else is on TV. It’s the light to your sparkler and the sugar to your cookies."

"With over 40 released games, you must be wondering, which three will be included in The Jackbox Party Starter? This information will be coming soon as we ramp up to our planned launch in Summer 2022."

Alongside the Party Starter release, there will also be updates for the three games included, plus localisations in French, Italian, Spanish, and German.

No platforms have been announced, but Jackbox games seem to make their way to Switch sooner or later.

So, what games would you like to see included? Our money's on Drawful 2 and Quiplash, plus maybe... Tee KO? Those three would make this the best pack yet. We'd also be happy to see Joke Boat and even Trivia Murder Party... But tell us your picks in the comments!