Night In The Woods
Image: Infinite Fall / Finji

The impact and standard of Indie games continues to grow, and an anniversary today highlights another title that helped to elevate the medium in recent times. Night in the Woods, developed by Infinite Fall and published by Finji, has turned five years old today - it arrived on Switch a little later on 1st February 2018.

After a successful Kickstarter campaign and being picked up for publishing the game made its mark on PC, Mac and PS4 on 21st February 2017, and in the following year earned plenty of critical acclaim, sales success and a range of award wins and nominations.

Though you have a degree of agency and plenty of control, Night in the Woods has been praised a great deal for its narrative and storytelling. It set high standards for addressing some challenging themes such as mental health and small town life - though its world is populated by assorted animals, their human qualities and concerns made it an extremely relatable game for a lot of players.

Gaming continues to have a strong influence in providing emotional connections and tackling real-world issues and themes, and Night in the Woods has certainly played its part in starting conversations since its release five years ago.

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