Sonic Lost World was a rather interesting entry in the series, and pretty decent in this scribe's humble opinion. It was exclusive to Wii U (with a 3DS version also released) until a little heralded PC port arrived, and of course that opened up the potential for mods; just last year we saw a fan recreation of the Yoshi DLC from the game.

That same creator, known as ĐeäTh on their YouTube channel, has now almost finished a mod to complete the PC version with The Legend of Zelda DLC. It was quite a big deal back in 2014 with the quirky free content referencing The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. It had a wonky camera and was very short, but as a free addition to the game it was utterly charming and fun.

The mod of this DLC is set to arrive in mid-February with the developer having painstakingly recreated the stage; it looks like a rather impressive effort.

It's quite a throwback for us, in any case - maybe it's time to boot up that Wii U copy...

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