Sonic Zelda

As many of you are no doubt aware, Sonic Lost World has more free Nintendo-themed DLC today — The Legend of Zelda Zone. As with the Yoshi equivalent before, it's a special free level that includes two distinct areas.

You can't play as much as you want without a bit of effort, however; once you play it once you need to accumulate 100,000 points in the main game before it unlocks again, the same as with the Yoshi level. That cruel rule aside, it's a fun little diversion that includes an open initial area before diving off into a fast-paced linear section.

It's a fun mash-up, albeit with some wonky camera work at points, and can actually be beaten very quickly; there is scope to find hidden extras, however.

For your entertainment we've done a bit of a speedrun, showing you the main parts of the level without delving off and showing all of the secrets. Check it out below and, if you have this DLC, let us know what you think.