The Artful Escape is a title that won plenty of critical acclaim last year when it arrived on PC and Xbox, and the very pleasing news is that it arrives on Switch next week - on 25th January.

As you can see in the trailer it's a hugely colourful, dynamic game - you play as a folk singer with aspirations and a passion to be an epic rock star. The story that follows is bonkers, surreal and certainly full of surprises.

It's a narrative experience for the most part, with some aspects of puzzling and platforming thrown in. It's a visual feast as the story plays out, and hopefully it'll stack up well in its Switch port; below is some of the official blurb:

* A story about great expectations, towering legacies, aliens, folk music, guitar solos, making stuff up, and living your dreams like memories.
* Musical jams. They’re visceral. They traverse dimensions.
* Craft your own stage persona from the sci-fi beginnings of your backstory to the trim on your moonboots.
* Converse, consult and chill with all manner of beings: disenchanted publicans, nostalgic villagers, lumbering alien wildlife, and reality-defying behemoths.
* Shred, soar and dance across the multiverse. Traverse landscapes made of sound — composed by your movement — as if the world itself were an instrument.

Are you planning to pick this up on Switch next week?