Well, here's some exciting news we certainly weren't expecting today. Konami has released its new free-to-play card game, Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel on all platforms including the Nintendo Switch. Yes, it's time to duel!

Konami yesterday teased it had one more surprise, and it seems this is it - the launch of this game. It was originally slated for a winter release, so it's nice to finally get our hands on it.

Master Duel comes with stunning HD graphics, a dynamic soundtrack and can be played digitally, anywhere. The game is also accessible to everyone, at any skill level - with built-in tutorials to teach you the basics.

Players will be able to build and duel with different decks made up of more than 10,000+ unique cards, while selecting from all sorts of events and tournaments to compete in. This includes cross-play and cross-save support.

There's also a story mode, online store (including virtual currency purchases), and the ability to link your copy of the game up with the "Yu-Gi-Oh Neuron" mobile app - to view decklists from around the world, and improve your own deck.

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[source nintendo.com]