Super Mario Bros. 35
Image: Nintendo

As you might recall, Nintendo released a "limited-time" battle royale title called Super Mario Bros. 35 on the Switch eShop in 2020. Although the game could still be active, the company decided to take it offline when Mario's anniversary celebrations ended.

If it wasn't already hard enough for fans of this short-lived release, Nintendo has now used the same title in a Japanese customer support tweet about how to delete games you no longer play (or in this case, can no longer access) on the Switch. Here's the tweet, as highlighted by Twitter user Kyle McLain:

As useless as this Mario icon might be nowadays, a lot of users don't seem to be able to bring themselves to delete the game from their Switch home menu. And while it makes sense for Nintendo to use Super Mario Bros. 35 as an example, many fans noted it was rubbing salt in the wound - further stating how they would "never forget".

Have you deleted Super Mario Bros. 35 from your own Switch home menu yet? Tell us below.