We've seen the Game Boy do some pretty incredible things at the hands of creative fans in the past – remember that time someone managed to photograph the moon using the Game Boy Camera? – but we never thought we'd see one being used to play Grand Theft Auto V. Actually, who are we kidding, GTA V's on so many platforms at this point it was bound to happen eventually.

Anyway, this seemingly impossible turn of events is all thanks to the hard work of Sebastian Staacks, who's managed to create a WiFi Game Boy cartridge. The device originally allowed Sebastian to use an unoriginal, unmodified Game Boy to view and send text messages and access a custom version of Wikipedia, but it's evolved quite dramatically since then.

Now, Staacks has managed to get the cartridge to stream video and even play games via Wi-Fi, all while using the Game Boy's buttons to input commands. Thanks to this, and through lots of technical know-how that goes over our heads (learn all about how it works here), Sebastian has managed to stream GTA V to the console's screen and can send inputs from the Game Boy to control the action. You can see it for yourself in the video above.

Essentially, the idea isn't too different to today's cloud-based games, where a game is streamed to a console such as your Nintendo Switch and receives your controller inputs over the internet. Of course, the Game Boy's screen probably isn't the prettiest way to play GTA V, but it's mightly impressive all the same.

[source there.oughta.be, via gizmodo.com]