Update [Tue 11th Jan, 2022 05:30 GMT]: If you were wondering what happened to Platinum's Sol Cresta broadcast that was scheduled to air on YouTube last weekend, it's been postponed.

It's apparently due to "technical difficulties" with streaming equipment and a new date for the broadcast will be organised soon. In the meantime, the company has reassured fans development of Sol Cresta is "doing just fine".

Original story [Thu 6th Jan, 2022 04:30 GMT]: Platinum's shmup Sol Cresta suffered a last-minute delay towards the end of 2021 - with Hideki Kamiya announcing a December 9th launch would no longer be possible.

The team explained how the game needed some more development time and hoped fans would understand. Now a few months later, Platinum has announced it'll be hosting a special live stream later this week on January 7th / 8th (depending on your location) to share some release date information.

As noted above, there'll also be some other new announcements and even a viewer giveaway. So definitely tune in as it's apparently a "must-watch" for anyone excited about the release of Sol Cresta.

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