Danish indie developer, Northplay, has dropped a Switch port of its 2020 mobile game, Headland, which is now available on the eShop for $19.99/€19.99/£17.99.

In Headland you assume the role of Nor, a young boy who seems to spend as much time daydreaming in class as he does anything else, as he fights to recover the shattered pieces of his Imagination Core in order to rebuild it and restore colour and magic to the titular Headland.

This isometric action adventure certainly looks colourful enough, with Nor and his dinky little robot pal exploring grassy meadows, dank caves and spooky castles while utilising various upgradeable weapons to do away with enemies.

You can check out the game's Switch launch trailer above and catch some more info and a few screenshots below;

Headland is officially open for Nintendo Switch players! This vibrant, colourful action adventure will appeal to fans of the classics, and it is a perfect fit for the Switch platform,” said Michael Flarup, from Northplay. “You might be familiar with Headland on mobile, but this is a new experience with a wealth of content added to make it more engaging for a console audience."

Will you be taking a trip through Nor's imagination in Headland? Let us know in the comments.