A demo of MONARK - an upcoming JRPG published by NIS America - can now be downloaded from the Nintendo Switch eShop. The title will be officially released next month in February and can now be digitally pre-ordered on the store as well.

In addition to this, the publisher has shared a brand new trailer of the game (which you can view above) - showcasing what exactly it's all about. Here's some backstory, if you aren't familiar with it:

You suddenly awaken in Shin Mikado Academy.

Before you is a barrier separating the campus from the rest of the outside world.

Within the academy grounds are the madness-inducing Mist, cryptic phone calls that connect to the Otherworld, and seven Pactbearers--each with their own Daemonic Authority ruled by their Egos.

To resist the irrationality surrounding you, you acquire the Authority of Vanity, a Daemonic power that subsists off of your Ego and madness.

Monark will also receive a Limited Edition physical release, which you can learn more about in our previous post. Will you be downloading this demo and giving it a go? Tell us down below.

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