Its been talked about in recent weeks, and NIS America has now lifted the lid on Monark, a rather intriguing JRPG that'll arrive on Switch next year. It has some pedigree, with former Shin Megami Tensei developers involved in the project.

You can see an extended look in the video above; there seem to be quite a lot of mechanics at play here. There'll be four companions, each changing your fate depending on actions; you also manage your EGO carefully as you progress, and "your desires will shift according to your words and deeds". Below is a summary of the story.

You suddenly awaken in Shin Mikado Academy.

Before you is a barrier separating the campus from the rest of the outside world.

Within the academy grounds are the madness-inducing Mist, cryptic phone calls that connect to the Otherworld, and seven Pactbearers--each with their own Daemonic Authority ruled by their Egos.

To resist the irrationality surrounding you, you acquire the Authority of Vanity, a Daemonic power that subsists off of your Ego and madness.

Monark Limited Edition
Image: NIS America

As you'd expect there'll be a fancy Limited Edition, pictured above. If you want to see that or a whole load of neat details about the game check out the official website.

So, are you excited about Monark?