Remember KungFu Kickball? The team-based arena fighter/soccer game that has you kicking both the ball and your opponents in equal measure? Well, it's just received a new (hopefully confirmed) release date on Switch.

After originally being slated for a December 2021 launch, the game will now arrive on the Switch eShop and other consoles on 10th February 2022. The Switch version will enjoy full crossplay with its PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Mac counterparts, and there's a new trailer to watch (see above).

Here's a recap of what it's all about:

Dash into the arena and prepare for kick-filled matches fusing intense martial arts with high-speed sportsball. Train with five martial masters with specialized fighting styles on six different stages. Strike, block, and headbutt the ball and other challengers to make legendary plays for the enemy’s goal bell.
Hone kinetic kung fu kicks in a comprehensive training mode before stepping up to the big leagues.

Compete in 1v1 or 2v2 local or online multiplayer matches across all major platforms thanks to full crossplay to keep the good times kicking. Enjoy an intuitive, three-button control scheme with a skill ceiling that allows all competitors from novices to experts to join in on the fun! Strategize offensive and defensive plays to outsmart opponents, and claim the title of Kickball Master.

The game will be available for $19.99 / £12.99 / €15.99 when it launches next month. Blowfish Studios co-founder Ben Lee says, "KungFu Kickball is right around the corner, ready to bring its seamless crossplay action to platform fighter fans across all platforms next month! Our team has put tons of effort into ensuring that the pick-up-and-play accessibility was an enjoyable experience for casual and competitive players everywhere. So let’s kick it in February!"

Will you be kicking it in February? Kick off in the comments below.