Image: Konami

Konami has shared a new video of its upcoming free-to-play title Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel - scheduled to arrive on the Nintendo Switch and multiple other platforms in the near future.

It was recently confirmed the game would be receiving cross-platform play and cross-save support, and now we've got a look at the in-game digital store. Here, you'll be able to use gems to purchase items such as card packs, decks and even accessories.

"Adding to your card collection has never been easier with Master Duel’s intuitive and interactive Shop! Find all the Packs, Decks, and Accessories that you could wish for, here at your fingertips with TGS Anime leading the way!"

On January 19th, one final feature will be showcased - the duel mode. So keep an eye out for that video.

[source youtu.be]