Image: PM Studios

Numskull Games has announced that it is releasing physical versions of publisher PM Studios' Hoa and Ever Forward this year.

Skrollcat Studio's Hoa will be available for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 and 5 from 11th March 2022, priced at £34.99 / €39.99. Developed by Pathea Games, Ever Forward will be available for the same formats from 25th March 2022, priced at £34.99 / €39.99.

We gave the former 8/10 when we reviewed it last year, saying:

Young players still green to the simple story ideas and to platforming fundamentals will find absolute magic in Hoa. The orchestral score and hand-painted backdrops have the power to whisk imaginations away like nothing else. The tried-and-true design of a modern platform game, while unsurprising to seasoned players, will delight budding gamers getting to know the genre. Apart from its closing stage, Hoa is a paint-by-numbers platformer – and the painting is exceptional, even if everything stays carefully inside the lines.

Numskull has stated that it will be releasing more games in 2022, with "further titles to be announced very soon."

Will you be picking up either of these titles in physical form? Let us know with a comment.