Waiting for the Nintendo Switch OLED to get a little cheaper before you spend your hard-earned coins on it? Now might be your chance, as it's dropped to just under £300 at UK online game store The Game Collection.

This deal is not without its caveats — it's only available "while stocks last", and only until the stroke of midnight tonight in the UK.

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The last time we saw the OLED discounted, it was for a pittance — down from its RRP of £309.99 to £305.07 at Amazon, just before Christmas. Granted, this latest price drop isn't a lot more, but another £5 is at least enough to buy one of the games on our handy list of excellent games organised by price!

If you aren't too fussed about OLED savings and just want to buy one, anywhere, then here's our list of where to grab them in the UK and US.

And if it's just any old Switch you want, and you're not sure if the OLED is for you, we can help — we've got this thorough guide to which model is best for you.