This is looking like a wonderful year for Switch-owning fans of tactics games, and the first to arrive in early March is Triangle Strategy. From the team that brought us Octopath Traveler, it'll utilise the HD-2D engine for a fresh take on isometric tactics.

As you can see above, Nintendo has released a new trailer that introduces Frederica and some interesting backstory:

Frederica is a wielder of fierce fire magic and Serenoa’s betrothed. As a princess of Aesfrost, her beliefs will be tested, but Frederica always believes there’s a way forward.

In addition it gives a broader overview, showcasing some additional gameplay and modes. For example we get a look at additional tactical approaches and units, such as follow-up attacks. We also see the encampment where you can manage your inventory and take on mock battles, which could be a good way to refine your line-ups.

We're pretty excited to see how this one turns out - let us know if it's on your wishlist in the comments!