Glitch Factory and Ysbryd Games have announced that No Place For Bravery will now launch on Switch and Steam in Q3 2022.

The story-driven action-RPG was first announced for Switch back in the summer of 2020, when a Q1 2021 launch was revealed. It was then pushed back to Q4 2021, before now settling on a release later this year.

"Previously announced for Q4 2021, No Place for Bravery will now benefit from additional care and craftsmanship to fully realise the developer’s vision of a timeless dark fable about the thin line between heroism and obsession," a press release reads.

If you're only hearing about this one for the first time, here's what that timeless dark fable has in store:

After a lifetime of battle and misery, Thorn prepares to lay down his sword for good—until receiving a new lead on his missing daughter Leaf. Venture forth, berserker, into an unforgiving, breathtaking world where a single misstep could cut Thorn’s story short. Dash around danger with split-second timing or adjust difficulty settings to enjoy the tale and save the challenge for another day. No matter the path Thorn walks, discover a stirring, somber soundtrack and detailed pixel art evoking an age of giants and myth.

Have you been waiting to hear more about this one? Are you thinking of giving it a go when it does eventually launch on Switch? Let us know in the usual place.