During day one of Guerrilla Collective, it was revealed Glitch Factory would be releasing the top-down action-RPG No Place For Bravery on Nintendo Switch and PC in the first quarter of 2021 for $19.99 (or your regional equivalent) with the help of Ysbryd.

Here's a bit about the backstory:

An old soldier dedicated to the advancement of his people, Thorn reassesses his priorities and prepares to lay down his sword, until discovering his long-lost daughter Leaf still lives. In a bid to expunge the nightmares which plague him, Thorn sets out with his disabled foster son Phid to find Leaf, and endures a painful quest that forces him to confront the decisions made in his ambitious past.

The game places equal emphasis on both narrative and action - with fast-paced movement, swift strikes, and tactical parries during combat. Progression is focused on earning upgrades from encounters and uncovering the secrets of the beautiful world of Dewr. All of this is supported by an incredibly detailed pixel world, a stirring soundtrack, and hand-painted textures.

Take a look at the trailer below:

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