It's an old chestnut now. Way back in 2006 it was disappointing — if not surprising — that Mother 3 wasn't brought to the West, but after Lucas came to Super Smash Bros. in 2015 it seemed like a foregone conclusion that we'd see the third part of the EarthBound trilogy officially localised at some point.

It wasn't to be, though — at least not yet. In the video above Mother uberfan Zion-from-Nintendo-Life-here is joined by fellow video fella and EarthBound advocate Jon-from-Nintendo-Life-here to discuss a few facts and theories about the franchise, the years of hearsay, the state of play right now, the forms in which Mother could potentially return in the near future (or, indeed, the distant future), and how they feel about it all.

If you're wondering where he's got to, NL YouTube chief Alex-from-Nintendo-Life-here chose not to join his video chums for this particular discussion following rumours that he is, in fact, vocally and passionately anti-Mother. Either that, or he was already off on his Christmas hols at the time of recording.

Image: Zion Grassl / Nintendo Life