It's been quite a year for Sonic the Hedgehog, now 30 years old and perhaps losing a step - after the big 3 and 0 it's all downhill [Wait, are you having a midlife crisis? Ed]. The Switch iteration of Sonic Colors Ultimate could have certainly been better, but we'd argue that the Sonic 30th Anniversary Symphony was a genuine highlight and delight - it's even on Spotify in all of its glory.

For every high, Sonic fans know there has to be a low, depending on tastes of course. SEGA teamed up with Steve Aoki for a crossover concert that you can see at the top of this page; it's basically Aoki doing a normal gig in front of a greenscreen with some iffy animated Sonic backgrounds. If you watch natively on YouTube there is an option to move the camera, and it supports VR if you have the gear.

Aside from a few little Sonic musical nods it's mostly Aoki doing his thing, as we've suggested, so take from it what you will.

For our money the symphony concert (which also had awesome sets by Tomoya Ohtani Band and Crush 40) is the far better option, below for your viewing pleasure.

What will SEGA get up to in five years for the 35th Anniversary? We're both terrified and intrigued by the possibilities.