Animal Crossing Mario Kart 8
Image: Nintendo Life

The DLC tracks and characters that released for the original Mario Kart 8 on Wii U (and came included as part of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe) were pretty special, giving kart racers the chance to burn around circuits based on other series outside the Mario games for the first time. F-Zero's Mute City and Zelda's Hyrule Castle were both highlights, and the Animal Crossing circuit was another fine addition. Only Nintendo knows why we didn't get Kirby or Pikmin or Metroid themed circuits. Gotta leave something for Mario Kart 9, we suppose.

One fan of both games has taken it upon themselves to recreate the Animal Crossing-themed circuit from MK8 on their New Horizons island, complete with cars, coins, boost pads, and more.

It's an impressive feat, and best of all it's available for you to visit via Dream Address code, too. The island name is Lamasery and the DA code is: DA-8468-5893-3290.

We've taken a look ourselves and were impressed at the little details, from the shells lining the coastal part of the course to the TV cameras capturing the 'race'. It's even got a Mario Kart 8 flag and Resetti himself popping up on the latter part of the track — in figurine form, of course.

Unfortunately, the circuit is restricted somewhat by the non-negotiable ramps and jumps — you're not in a kart here and it's impossible to 'follow' the course itself without diverting around the ramps in several spots.

Still, the circuit is just one part of a very impressive island, so if you're looking for a place to visit over the holidays, we'd definitely recommend swinging by Lamasery for a quick once around the track. Check out the original DLC trailer below if you need your memory jogged on the track replicated above.

Let us know below if you visit the MK AC circuit in ACNH, or if you've tried anything this ambitious on your island. We're thinking Mute City might be a bit much, but when you look at the amazing islands people have made, perhaps it's not impossible!

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