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Image: Damien McFerran / Nintendo Life

YouTuber Logan Paul is a man who has his fingers in many pies, but his latest venture has riled up Nintendo fandom quite spectacularly.

Paul took a selection of Game Boy Color consoles (some of which are quite collectible) and poured epoxy resin over the top of them to create a table - which also lights up:

The reaction online has been pretty hostile, with many people questioning the wisdom of effectively destroying consoles which could have provided a lifetime of entertainment.

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Other people are kindly pointing out that there are other, less destructive ways of celebrating your collection:

You could argue that what Paul has done is no different from the framed Game Boy consoles we covered not so long ago, but those were confirmed as being faulty units by the company which produces them, which means active consoles aren't being taken out of circulation. It's worth pointing out that Paul could well have used broken consoles for this project, but he hasn't confirmed this as yet.

While the whole episode has upset a fair few people, there are plenty who don't see what the fuss is about:

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What do you make of Paul's creation? Do you think it's a crime to ruin perfectly playable Game Boy Color systems, or is this an attractive enough project to make it worthwhile? Let us know in the comments.