Impa's House

How can we summon news about Breath of the Wild 2? The last thing we heard was a 2022 release window, which is probably going to be more like "end of 2022" than any time soon. Still, rumours are swirling. Would it help to start recreating it in another game, perhaps?

That's what a few Animal Crossing: New Horizons players and designers have been doing with the new 2.0 update and all its furniture, which includes much larger décor like the castle wall and the ruined arches, as well as new items that can have interesting applications.

For example, you may have noticed that some of the gyroids look a little bit like Breath of the Wild's Koroks:

Combine the gyroid/Koroks with a redesigned lamp cube and the new glowing moss statues, and you can even create yourself some neat puzzles:

And if you already have a few lamp cubes, you can turn them into (one of) Link's BOTW bombs:

If you like the idea of turning your whole island into a shrine to Zelda, you'll need to follow naydinfarcrossing and ACNH.Hylia on Instagram, who both dedicate their Animal Crossing: New Horizons playthroughs to the pursuit of Zelda-fying their towns.

Lost Woods

Mekar Island

Bokoblin Camp

The Noble Canteen

Gerudo Town

The Bridge of Hylia

Impa's House

Have you been inspired by any of these builds? Or are you content with your town as-is? Let us know in the comments!