Rabbids Coding is a free app launched back in 2019 by Ubisoft, which can be downloaded for free on PC or mobile. In essence a puzzle game, it offers a learning experience to budding young programmers as you construct commands to the Rabbids to get them through a number of stages.

It's now been confirmed that Ubisoft has teamed up with UK-based programme Digital Schoolhouse to integrate the app within a curriculum, which you can see here. Digital Schoolhouse is a project supported by trade body UKIE, with a goal to support educational programmes in computing.

Ukie's Digital Schoolhouse is a not-for-profit programme which enables primary schools to experience free creative computing workshops from their local Schoolhouse. Combined with ingenious computing, the programme also engages thousands of students with its pioneering and immersive careers education. Schoolhouses are not charged for their participation in the programme, nor for the support that they receive.

It's an interesting project to explore, as it offers free to download curriculums and teaching programmes that utilise specific products and games, as well as courses that have little to no cost to organise. Nintendo is listed as a partner, and as an example there's a course called 'Machine Code Mario' that has an optional extension utilising Super Mario Maker 2 to help 'students explore how to represent decimal numbers in binary'.

The site is packed with teaching aids, some of which can be easily taught at practically no cost, so if you have a keen young gamer interested in computing and programming it's well worth a look.

[source digitalschoolhouse.org.uk]