Image: Raw Thrills

Video game development legend and Raw Thrills boss Eugene Jarvis recently took part in a Reddit AMA, where he covered a whole host of topics – including the notion of the original Cruis'n games coming to Switch Online.

However, Jarvis also touched upon plans for the most recent entry in the franchise, the utterly superb Cruis'n Blast, which – as luck would have it – is currently 50% off on the North American eShop as we speak.

During the chat, Jarvis was asked about future plans for the game and replied:

Online multiplayer is our next goal for Cruis'n / Switch!

...when we get our online multiplayer going, we'll definitely look at bringing on some more content.

The addition of online multiplayer will solve one of the biggest issues we had with the game when we reviewed it back in September; we said at the time:

As long as you're willing to put up with some performance hits and the fact that there's no online multiplayer, Cruis'n Blast is a hugely entertaining arcade-style racer with incredible set-pieces that has us crossing every possible body part in the hope that it's successful enough to encourage more of the same somewhere down the line.

Oh, and before we go, Jarvis also revealed during the AMA one of the 'cut' vehicles:

There was a port-a-potty hot rod but the sh*t would get all over everything when you crash!!!