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Cruis'n Blast was released on the Switch in September, and since then fans have been asking for more. One common request seems to be for Nintendo to bring the classic entries to the recently announced Switch Online Expansion Pack.

It appears the creator of the series is just as eager. During a Reddit 'Ask Me Anything' on the Nintendo Switch subreddit, Eugene Jarvis - the founder of Raw Thrills and creator of the Cruis’n series - was asked about the possibility of the N64 Cruis'n trilogy speeding onto the Switch. And while it appears to be up to Nintendo, he'd "love to see it happen".

His latest comment follows on from an interview with Nintendo Life in August this year, where he mentioned how he had been "tossing around some ideas" to remaster the classic arcade Cruis'n trilogy - with full HD and a solid 60Hz frame rate.

"one thing I’ve been tossing around is to remaster the classic arcade Cruis’n trilogy especially for the Switch, up-resing the content to full HD and solid 60Hz frame rate!"

Would you like to see the N64 versions of the classic Cruis'n games make their way to Nintendo Switch Online in the future? How about a trilogy remaster? Leave a comment down below.