While Pokémon GO may not be all over the news as it was in the distant past (well, it feels distant), it's continued to evolve and keep a sizeable audience engaged. Its developer Niantic then released its second tie-in with Nintendo this year with Pikmin Bloom, which is a rather charming and low-pressure addition to the 'walk and things happen on your phone' AR genre.

Niantic has now joined in the Holidays festivities with some stats for its games, and they show some dizzying numbers. It's a reminder that plenty of players are still enjoying these apps.

Pokemon stats
Image: Niantic
Pikmin stats2
Image: Niantic

While the Pokemon GO stats in their billions are impressive, there's clearly a decent amount of activity in Pikmin Bloom too, even though it's very unlikely to hit the same level of popularity.

Are you still playing either of these games when heading out for a walk? Let us know, as always, in the comments.

[source nianticlabs.com]