Publisher Chucklefish has announced that Robust Games' point-and-click adventure Loco Motive will be pulling into the Switch station in Summer 2022. As featured in today's Indie World Showcase, the game combines the murder-mystery of a good Agatha Christie novel with the point-and-click stylings and gameplay of classic Lucasarts adventures.

Originally created for a two-week game jam by the indie development team and now remade from scratch for PC and consoles, Loco Motive has you investigating the deadly goings on aboard the luxurious Orient Reuss Express. You take control of several characters over the course of your investigations to find the killer — for surely her death wasn't an accident — of one Lady Unterwald.

Intrigue, puzzles, pixel art, moustaches — if you've ever played a '90s adventure game, you'll feel right at home here. For you kids who are too young to remember the '90s, there's also a neat Thimbleweed Park-style in-game hotline to call if you get a little stuck.

Take a look at a few screenshots below, and also a rundown of features from the PR blurb:

● A comedy adventure that hits like smooth jazz, set onboard a 1930s express train
● Take control of three playable characters, in an interlinking comedic adventure
● Uncover a deadly mystery, full of twists, turns and slapstick humour
● Meet a train-full of quirky and somewhat suspicious fellow passengers
● Stop at nothing to solve item-based puzzles, that won’t leave you head scratching for hours
● Choose how you play, by taking direct interactive character control, or opting for a classic
point and click experience
● Beautifully detailed pixel art bursting with charm and character
● Need a little nudge in the right direction? Telephone for assistance with an in-game hint callline!
● Fully voiced, with the slinky sounds of composer Paul Zimmerman (Space Haven)

The game — which, incidentally, is available on in its original proof-of-concept game jam form and has some glowing testimonials from the likes of PC Gamer and Alpha Beta Gamer — hits Switch in Summer 2022, and looks like it could well be another fine addition to the console's growing list of great point-and-click adventure games

Let us know below if you'll be pointing yourself and clicking in this choo-choo's direction next year — or if you've played the game before.