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The reveal of the trailer for the upcoming Sonic movie sequel — sensibly-titled Sonic the Hedgehog 2 — at yesterday's TGAs gave fans their first proper look at (and listen to) Knuckles. It also featured a bunch of nods to the game series and several elements that fans might have expected to see in the first film. You know, chaos emeralds, big 'staches, that sort of thing.

There's quite a lot packed into the 2-minute trailer, so below we present a gallery breakdown of some of the bigger moments. There's also a poll at the end where you can let us now what you thought.

The trailer opens with Sonic prepping for night of crimefighting, with some lovely shoe/glove/chili dog detail:

Batman gets a dialogue mention (and Sonic composer Tee Lopes reminded us of the original 'Blue Justice' from the Mega Drive Sonic cart), although the way he leaps off the building felt more like Spider-Man.

Sonic commandeers a stolen truck from a crim, although things go awry. It seems that good intentions sometimes have unintended consequences, as we hear from James Marsden's returning... err, what was his character's name again? We forget. Let's go with 'John McEverydude'. Anyway, Sonic's owner/guardian gives him some advice on a boat.

As fun as the trailer looks, let's hope they're saving the zingers for the movie proper, because the dialogue in the trailer was pretty much laugh-free — smirkless, even.

Anyway, the fatherly talk continues over ominous scenes of impending doom and images of Sonic goofing around like the powerful but immature hedgehog he is. Great power, great responsibility and what-have-you. Sonic gets goosebumps. Oprah joke. Cut.

Now we see Robotnik's return to Earth from wherever he's been — Mobius, presumably. His assistant is overjoyed. Cue weak 'stache pun and groan.

Ace fills in his lackey on what he's been up to, and we get our first look at a proper bona fide Sonic 'thing': a Chaos Emerald. Green one, too! World domination incoming.

And look! It's another Sonic staple — Tails! And another detailed footwear shot. Close-up foot shot enthusiasts seem to be well-catered for this time:

Now for some hot biplane action and a few lighthearted lines on the Tornado as Robotnik launches a bunch of missles. It's like Sky Chase Zone with sass.

Quick cuts between Sonic zipping through a flaming corridor/tunnel collecting some rings, Robotnik nearly getting his 'stache chopped off, Jane McEverydude and her sister high five-ing, and Sonic and Tails turning up at a winter lodge of some description, to the distaste of the locals.

Sonic goes fast, as is his wont. Also, Sonic snowboards and catches missiles before lobbing them back where they came from.

Now for the big reveal — the Knucks, in all his Idris Elba-styled glory! He isn't interested in Sonic's glow-y power, he's got his own moves. Evidently, Robotnik has convinced him that Sonic's the bad guy.

If you weren't expecting Knuckles to be an antagonist... c'mon people! Do your Sonic homework.

Robotnik makes the belated introductions, Sonic's down for the count, title card with the cute little tails on the '2'. Boom!

And there we are! What did you think of the trailer? Reckon they'll have to redo the whole thing this time? Let us know in the poll below.

What did you think of the Sonic Movie 2 trailer?
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