Dragon Quest X Offline is scheduled to arrive in Japan on 26th February 2022, and in the lead-up to its release, Square Enix has shared some new details about the game.

For those who have played DQX before, there will still be some new content to enjoy and a new character to meet in the offline version. Here's the scoop (via Nintendo Enthusiast) along with some artwork and screenshots via the Dragon Quest Twitter account:

"The original episode, exclusive to the Offline game, takes place in the past of Ogreede continent, which you can visit in Dragon Quest X Online...The main characters of the original episode are Erge and Himea. In addition to scenes not shown in DQX Online, the new story will tell us more about their past...The ogre girl is Garmy, the new character introduced in Dragon Quest X Offline. The story of the original episode revolves around her. Players will fight alongside Himea and Garmy as guest characters in battles."

Of course, as previously noted - this offline version of the MMO is still only a Japan release. Fingers crossed the game is localised at some point. Square Enix also revealed in October that the offline version of Dragon Quest X will allow players to transfer their data across from the online versions.

Square Enix also showed off some new screenshots in November:

Is this a game you're hoping to see released here in the west? Tell us down below.

[source nintendoenthusiast.com]