One of the more unexpected announcements during the Dragon Quest 35th Anniversary Special live stream was Dragon Quest X Offline. This is the "offline" version of the MMO Dragon Quest X - meaning it won't require an internet connection.

At the moment, it's been announced for a 2022 Japanese release, but no platforms have been confirmed yet. Apart from the cute visuals, producer Takumi Shiraishi said there would be some other changes that will be revealed in a future announcement. Dragon Quest series creator Yuji Horii described it as a "cute" take on Dragon Quest X.

In the same stream, Square Enix also announced 'Version 6' of Dragon Quest X Online. Here's a look:

If we hear anything about a DQX Offline Switch release (including a localisation) - we'll let you know. Would you be interested in playing the offline version on Nintendo's latest hardware? Leave a comment down below.