Zelda BOTW 2
Image: Nintendo

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild sequel didn't show up at The Game Awards and it left some fans concerned about the progress of its development. According to IGN's boss Peer Schneider, there's no need to worry.

In the latest episode of the IGN Games podcast (via a story on GamesRadar), Schneider mentioned how he spoke to "some people in the industry" who have supposedly assured him BOTW2 is still aiming for a 2022 release. Next year, in general, is also going to apparently be a very exciting one for Nintendo:

"It does sound like Nintendo is going to have a pretty good year next year. So, I would not take the absence of big stuff [at The Game Awards] as a sign that maybe Breath of the Wild is delayed or that they don't have other stuff, because it sounds like... people at Nintendo are very excited about 2022."

Schneider added to this, suggesting the anticipated sequel to Breath of the Wild could arrive by next November - but by no means is this a confirmation of the game's release date. It's unclear if this was entirely speculative, or if he was teasing something more.

Just weeks ago, VentureBeat games journalist and occasional insider Jeff Grubb mentioned how he wasn't expecting to see BOTW2 until the end of next year, but thought there was also the possibility of it not arriving in 2022:

"[Zelda: BOTW 2] probably [is] not coming out closer until the end of next year, if it comes out in 2022 at all."

Nintendo attached "2022" to the end of its E3 trailer for the game, and noted in official PR how it was "aiming to launch" the game on Switch by next year.

When do you think we'll see BOTW2 arrive on the Nintendo Switch? Take a guess down below.

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