Image: Nintendo

Regular readers of these pages will know that each week we cover the UK charts, which often show a lot of familiar games running the top 10. As a nice bit of trivia for the Holidays, GamesIndustry.biz head honcho Chris Dring has shared an interesting graphic that shows every UK gaming Christmas number 1 since 1984. Oh, the memories.

There's pretty interesting variety until 1993 with a certain sports franchise, which then had a dominant run through the mid '90s. Then we get the one Nintendo number 1 in the list, the iconic The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time in 1998.

In more recent times there's a lot of CoD and FIFA, with a couple of imposters shaking things up a little.

Uk Chrismas Number 1

Some fun memories there, like when Sonic ruled the world in 1992 - still the best game in the series, of course...

[source twitter.com]