Some people are content to let chaos rule their lives, and that's fine. But for people like us — people who want their pens to be in rainbow order, and their pencils organised by length — the world can be frustrating. So many things at imperfect angles! Too many illogically-designed items of furniture!

But A Little To The Left, from K'jipuktuk/Halifax-based duo Max Inferno, is the perfect balm to soothe our frazzled nerves. Reminiscent of similar organisational games like Unpacking and Assemble With Care, A Little To The Left is all about tidying up your home with attention to colour, shape, and size. Just... watch out for your cat, who disagrees with your sensibilities.

With the help of UK-based publishers Secret Mode, A Little To The Left will be coming to Nintendo Switch and Steam in 2022,. Make sure you've got space on your Switch home page for it!