Round is the best shape. Consider: Kirby. Mareep. Samus (sometimes). Everything is better in spherical form. But the place you can find the most roundest animals is, of course, the Pokémon games. Exhibit A:

With that in mind, check out the Pokémon Center's new line of "round and squishy" plush toys, which we cannot stop thinking about.

They come in three varieties: Pikachu, Piplup, and Slowpoke:

All three of these beautifully round bois are available in 13 ¾ inch sizes ($35.99), and 19 ¾ inch sizes ($99.99). They also all have a small plush keychain option, which is about 4 inches tall and costs $10.99:


We love them. It's fine to spend 100 dollars on an inanimate cushion with a face, right? That's a normal adult purchase, no?

If you want to make bad really good and soft decisions with your money, you can buy these loveable orbs on the Pokémon Center website.

How much money is acceptable to spend on a round thing? Let us know in the comments.