Metroid Dread
Image: Nintendo Life

In the same interview with CNET, where Metroid Dread producer Yoshio Sakamoto spoke about how he would like to see a Metroid movie become a "reality", he's also discussed the future of the Metroid series in general.

Dread marks the end of the five-story Metroid arc that originally began on the NES in 1986, so what's next now that this chapter is complete? Sakamoto has used this opportunity to reiterate and reassure Metroid fans that Samus isn't saying goodbye.

Simply put, as long as she "exists" - this isn't her "ultimate end" and her adventures will continue on:

CNET: At E3, you commented that you know you want the series to continue, that you know you definitely wouldn't want it to end. Do you see Dread at all being a closure?

Sakamoto: As long as the character Samus exists, I think her adventure will continue. I feel that Samus should continue her adventure, and that's something that we would really need to put our best effort into. Metroid Dread does conclude the five-story arc that has been going on for 35 years. However, I feel that it's not the ultimate end. There should be something that is able to continue the franchise and the universe. So yes, as long as your character Samus is loved, I would like to do what I have to do.

This isn't the first time Sakamoto has spoken about Dread not marking the end of Metroid. Back in June, during an interview with Famitsu, he mentioned how fans could look forward to "future episodes" once the current story arc had concluded.

While not directly linked, the next adventure for Samus is Metroid Prime 4 - a title being developed by Retro Studios and overseen by producer Kensuke Tanabe. Although it's not clear when this particular game will be released, it will likely raise even more questions about Samus' future. Perhaps the Metroid series could take on a completely new direction beyond this...

What would you like to see from Samus' future adventures, now that the original Metroid arc has wrapped up? How about the Prime series going forward? Any ideas? Leave a comment down below.

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