Grand Theft Auto
Image: Rockstar Games

Following on from its apology message, Rockstar Games appears to have already rolled out its first update for Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy - The Definitive Edition.

The post on Rockstar's Support page for Version 1.02 mentions all platforms but the Switch in the title. The patch notes though mention general fixes for "all platforms" and further down there's also a Switch-specific fix for Vice City:

"Fixed an issue with changes to language settings not being retained after a reboot (Nintendo Switch)"

According to the same patch notes, there have also been various other fixes applied - such as resolving an issue with the rain effects in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

You can see the patch notes in full over on Rockstar's Support page, if you are curious to see what fixes the developer is prioritising and may eventually be applied to the Switch version of the game. We'll update this post when we can confirm a similar patch has been applied to the Switch version of the game.

These are the current Switch versions of each game: San Andreas - Version 1.0.2, GTA III - Version 1.0.2, Vice City - Version 1.0.3. Once again, Rockstar has said multiple updates will be released over time and when we find out more about any Switch patches, we'll provide an update.

What do you think of the fixes in the first lot of patch notes? Have you encountered any issues in the Switch version of the game yourself? Leave a comment down below.