Image: u/upperclasshole

The new handheld camera has been revealing a lot of tiny little details about Animal Crossing: New Horizons, like the new museum posters, and how awesome the aquarium exhibits look in first-person.

But here's something extremely cool that really shows how much attention to detail the developers put in:

If you place a fossil in your Happy Home Paradise home designs, which is an ability you'll unlock after doing 27 homes, it'll potentially be much too tall for the room. Unlike the fun you can have with clipping gyroids into furniture, though, the developers didn't want the dino skulls to clip through the ceiling.

The solution? Creating an entirely new texture that makes the dino look like it's crashed through the roof. It's a design detail that's utterly unnecessary — most people won't ever see it — but really elevates the game as a whole.

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