Animal Crossing LEGO
Image: iprice, Rebrickable

The hunger for Animal Crossing-themed LEGO remains as high as ever, and even though the company did sadly reject an Animal Crossing set proposal last month, fans are still hard at work coming up with great designs.

Take these, for example, shared online by a Rebrickable user named iprice. With around 40 designs under their belt already (and they've promised us there are more to come), iprice has been busy putting together designs for a number of non-playable characters from the Animal Crossing franchise. The best bit is that each design uses bricks that you can get – or perhaps already own – yourself.

By clicking on your chosen design over on the Rebrickable website, you'll be able to check out exactly which LEGO pieces are needed to complete the build. On this Tom Nook design, we can see that a total of 109 parts are required, and the site even gives you an estimate of how much these parts might cost if you don't already have them.

We're thankful for these part lists because we'd never manage this ourselves...

Do we have any LEGO fanatics in the Nintendo Life community? Think you'll be giving any of these designs a go yourself? Feel free to construct a firm but painful-to-step-on comment down below.