Pokemon Diamond And Pearl
Image: Nintendo

Nintendo has not had a good run with Switch game leaks in recent months, and now to top it off, the upcoming Pokémon Diamond and Pearl remakes appear to already be in the hands of some individuals, who are now seemingly uploading photos and video footage of the anticipated release.

One post, in particular, over on a leak subreddit - simply titled "Got it early" - shows three photos of Pokémon Brilliant Diamond. In it, you can see screens of the Pokémon Center, battles, and even a cutscene. There's also some video footage in a separate post.

Another user on the same subreddit, who appears to be located in Australia, shared a post and photo - stating how they attempted to get a copy from the store they work at, but the game was locked away. At the very least, it seems to confirm the remakes are now in the hands of retailers.

"My work started advertising BDSP today. Copy’s of the game are being locked away in back room. I was gonna try get it early but I got told I could lose my job so probably won’t do that"

And if that wasn't enough, some in North America are sharing photos - showing off early copies they managed to acquire.

The Pokémon Company has previously cracked down on people leaking information about mainline releases ahead of launch, so there could potentially be some serious consequences for those who choose to share information about the remakes early.

Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl are due to arrive later this month on November 19th. If we hear anything else, we'll be sure to let you know.