It's fair to say that Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy - The Definitive Edition - from hereon just 'GTA Trilogy' - has been getting a bit of a pasting online. Though Rockstar is an exceptionally wealthy and successful game company, the remaster of three iconic GTA games has drawn criticism for its art style and performance, and has also been picked apart for seemingly sloppy code - the PC version is currently unavailable for multiple reasons, with one goal being to remove rogue files of content that were supposed to be absent entirely.

It's been a mess, and sadly from a Switch perspective it's been no different. We slammed the Switch port in our GTA Trilogy review, describing it as "a shockingly rough package". Yet it's understandable that some feel there's been a pile on and potentially some exaggeration - is it really that bad?

Well, the technical analysis from Digital Foundry is in (at the top of the page), and initially starts off with Grand Theft Auto 3, the oldest of the games to be remastered and the title that originally took off on PS2 and became a smash hit. It's a long video, with the first 16 minutes or so focused on the art and technical aspects of the remasters. The performance section follows, and you need to go to about 24 minutes in for the Switch section.

It's pretty ugly viewing, ultimately, with DF being damning of the resolution, quality of visuals and even the performance which fails to hit a steady 30fps. On the one hand Unreal Engine open-world games are often a problem on Switch, but as the video suggests ports like The Witcher 3 and Dying Light set high standards, with this GTA Trilogy release falling well short.

Overall, the message is a severe thumbs down, with some very critical language used for the Switch effort.

Perhaps there'll be improvements in updates, but it's been a troubled release that is particularly rough on Switch. Let us know what you think, and of course if you have opted to buy it for Switch share your views on the port's quality.