The Switch has quite a few rather good point and click games where tricky puzzles and intriguing storytelling can draw us in. Another in the genre that's making its eShop debut soon is Detective Di: The Silk Rose Murders, which is due to arrive in December.

Developed by Nupixo Games It was released over two years ago on Steam and was well received, with various user reviews praising its storytelling, soundtrack and puzzles. Its Switch release (along with other consoles) is being handled by RedDeerGames.

The core aspect of the game sees you take on the role of the 'most famous detective in ancient China' trying to solve serial killings. Below is some of the PR blurb.

Investigate the crime scenes by talking to witnesses using the available dialogue options. Find evidence and items relevant to the investigation. Drawing the right conclusions by filling in the deduction board to accurately recreate past events.

The remarkable story is shown with gorgeous pixel art paying homage to the old school of graphics but with a whole new unique touch.


- Captivating storyline
- Background and atmosphere of ancient China culture and history
- Challenging riddles to solve and dialogue options to choose
- Expressive and unique pixel art, 2D graphic
- Original soundtrack with 13 tracks

We reckon it looks rather promising - let us know if this is on your radar for December.