In a five-minute live premiere on the 9th of November, Among Us devs Innersloth revealed the latest update for their game to the masses:

The Cosmicube Update!

Cosmicubes give you access to what is basically a branching system of unlocks, a bit like a skill tree:

"Cosmicubes: Special cosmetic cubes that have themed items you unlock via a branching path. These items tend to be more special or detailed. Different Cosmicubes are bought using Beans or Stars, but their contents can only be unlocked by earning Pods through gameplay."

Among Us

The update will add new hats, visors, cosmetics, and most importantly, an in-game store for buying things like pets, nameplates, and more. There are multiple currencies:

  • Beans: Achieved by playing the game, and can be used to buy items, bundles, and Cosmicubes.
  • Stars: Bought with real money, and can be used to buy items, bundles, and Cosmicubes.
  • Pods: Achieved by playing the game only if you have a Cosmicube activated.
  • XP: gained by winning rounds, identifying the Impostor, killing crewmates, and completing tasks, and makes your level go up, which can give you multipliers for earning Beans and Pods.
Among Us

Also, achievements are now in the game, as well as the ability to link accounts, which will tie your cosmetics, XP, Pods, and Beans to your account. However, on the Nintendo Switch, Stars are not currently shared across platforms — they'll only be available on the Switch, at least for now. Innersloth says they're "working on it"!

There are now new roles, too, from the disguise-filled Shapeshifter (who we already knew about) to the Scientist, who can access vitals at any time to check who's dead, the Engineer, a non-Impostor who can use vents, and the Guardian Angel, who can protect the remaining crew after they're dead.

Innersloth pre-empted the "I can't believe you're trying to make me pay money" comments, by saying in the video, "Yup (we live in a capitalist society)" and noting that the profits could go towards more updates, server costs, team wages, survival, therapy, food, boba, and even... a new game.

Oh, and it's out right now. Hooray!

Among Us

You can read all about the update on Innersloth's blog. The currencies are a little confusing, and there are a fair few quality-of-life changes, too:

  • The Vent action is no longer attached to the main action button. In order to vent, press V on the keyboard, or Right Shoulder Button on controllers.
  • Sabotage is no longer attached to the main action button. In order to access the sabotage map, Impostors can simply open up their map, using the Tab key on keyboards or Left Trigger on controllers.
  • If you have a special role, the action for that role is accessed via the F key on keyboards, or Right Trigger on controllers. This includes the Engineer’s vent ability.
  • Stats that affect your achievements will persist across all linked platforms (essentially your stats are linked to your player ID)
  • You need to perform the actual action that would unlock that achievement to trigger it on another platform.
    • Fake achievement example to explain: If you got a 50 card swipe achievement on Steam and want that to unlock on iOS, you would need to do the card swipe task one more time in iOS to get the achievement.

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