Image: Among Us / Innersloth

The next Among Us update is around the corner, and Innersloth Community Director Victoria Tran has just posted a little peek at what to expect.

We knew that new roles were coming, and we've got a look at the first one: The Shapeshifter, a role for Impostors only, which — as the title may imply — can change their appearance. For example, you can change into another player to frame them, but the disguise will eventually wear off, and you'll leave evidence behind.

Here's the official description from the Innersloth blog:

"This Impostor can pull up a menu of all other living Crewmates in the game and select one to copy their appearance (name, colour, and cosmetics). However the shapeshifting only lasts for a limited amount of time, unless altered in the lobby settings. Crewmates can see you midway through shapeshifting if they’re within line of sight, and the shift will leave evidence behind. During meetings, the Shapeshifter will appear as their original selves."

Also, whatever this thing on the right is??? — Image: Among Us / Innersloth

You'll be able to change the role settings in the lobby, including how many Impostors have the ability, how long it lasts, and whether or not they leave behind evidence.

"Our internal playtests have already become extremely chaotic from this change, and it’s a ton of fun trying to guess who’s who. Especially when you stumble upon two of the same Crewmate in one room!"

The update has no confirmed release date yet, apart from "soon". Stay tuned!