Switch OLED
Image: Nintendo Life

One of the big changes Nintendo made with the Switch OLED is one you might not realise when you first pick it up: the screen is made of glass and not plastic, as was the case with the original Switch and the Switch Lite.

The reason you might not be aware of this fact when you use the console is that Nintendo has applied a very discreet “anti-scattering adhesive film” over the glass which prevents it from breaking into thousands of dangerous bits if it gets smashed. It also provides protection from scratches.

These pre-applied protective films are quite common on other devices with glass displays – like smartphones and tablets – and Nintendo points out that if you still want to use your own protector, you're perfectly welcome to; it will happily sit on top of the anti-scattering film.

However, Nintendo is adamant that you should never, ever try to remove the film itself, and goes as far as to include a warning about this in the console's user manual.

Will you be adding your own screen protector, or will this pre-installed one be enough? Let us know with a comment.

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